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Where to go on dates?

We've listed our ideas on where to go on a date. Remember you can combine things so you could go for a walk and then spend a couple of hours relaxing in the pub afterwards.


Plus points


Cinema You get to sit next to them in the dark. You might get a snog.
You get to find out what films they like
Busy cinemas might mean you sit apart. You don't get to talk to each other at all.
Meal Time to chat. face to face. Can be romantic Food allergies, what to eat, where to go.
Bowling Fun, plenty of time to talk. Very social One of you might be much better at it than the other.
Not to be done with poor losers!
Pubs Can be fun, chance to talk, Might be noisy, crowded, might get very drunk.
Clubs Get to dance, find out what music they like Noisy - can't talk. Crowded
Gig Great if you share music interests. Pub gigs easy to find. Can be expensive. Need to book well in advance normally for big names.
Dinner party Great if its at your house with your mates.
More suitable if you've got lots of friends you both know
Not great if you're the only one who doesn't know anyone
Art gallery or museum Fantastic if you share mutual apreciation of art Can be boring if you're not really interested.
Pitch and Putt Can be fun! Can be awful in the rain.
Football match Can be great fun if you both support same team can be awful if you support opposing teams
Not a great amount of time to chat
Comedy Club Great fun - if you share same sense of humour. usually time to chat too. Can be busy
Theatre Nice if you like that sort of thing Tricky to get something you both like, no time to talk during performance. Can be expensive
Picnic Nice - can personalise food rain.
Walk Going out for a nice relaxing walk can be fun, plenty of time to chat and enjoy each others company. Take a flask and snacks and make a mini-picnic too!
Can be very romantic!
Might rain.Might get blisters.
Wine tasting - Yum! Good fun!
Can be pretensious
Dinner at your house Nice and romantic. Maybe not good for a first date Have to tidy up house.


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